Brew Pub Offers Free Beer To Shred Neo-Nazi Speech Tickets

So Nazi Racist jagoff Richard Spencer rented out his own speech space at the University of Florida (desperate much?) to hold a rally and then told the University he's sue if they tried to take his "right" to speak there away.

Since U of F is a state university it actually is a First Amendment issue, sorta. Certainly Spencer could tie up the school in a long legal battle over it.

So everyone from the university's administration to Marco Rubio is saying, let him speak and just don't go. Give him zero audience.

And a local brewpub went even further, promising a free beer to anyone who turned in two tickets to the event for disposal:

Richard Spencer has gotten wind of this plan and tells Facebook (yeah, Nazis on Facebook some more) that he has a counter-plan to deal with that.

What ever.

Meanwhile, the university is on the hook for a reported $500 grand for added security to make sure Gainesville Florida doesn't turn into Charlottesville.

Time for some rule changes that make all groups responsible for needed security and that the University has absolute final say as to what that security entails. For everyone.

It's too late for mister Nazi jerk who rented out the location of his speech. I'm assuming with Mercer money. While the taxpayers of Florida come up with half a million bucks for security. Shaking my head....

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