Author: Trump Fears Black People

Author Tony Schwartz, who co-authored "The Art of The Deal" and is a contributor to :"The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, was on CNN to discuss Trump's recent rash of Tweetrage at Lavar Ball. Schwartz tells us what we already know - that Trump hates black people (I would also include brown people, women and most other minorities).

Schwartz goes on to explain that Trump's only way of dealing with his fear is to turn into anger and this is why he keeps lashing out at black people, especially those that are critical of the thin-skinned Oompa Loompa.

Then, as if on cue, Trump tweeted at Greg Sargent, who has also noted Trump's pattern of fearing/hating African Americans, especially those with a high profile:

In other words, Trump is only proving true the old adage that bullies are just cowards at heart. What does that say about his supporters?

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