We Got An E-mail From A Woman Who Explained Her Position On The Bill O'Reilly Lawsuit.

I had conversations with people today that said, "Why didn't she say something the first time he did that?" I replied - if I cried sexual harassment every time a man said something that could even be REMOTELY Construed as a sexual comment - I would still be screaming. I know from Personal experience - most of the time - if it is only once or twice - you just kinda roll your eyes and hope it goes away- as a mater of fact... you are so taken off guard - you can't even respond - and then when it is your BOSS!! Ugh!! You are really between a rock and a hard place( no pun intended) -When I was 16 - my boss asked me to come to the back office - he closed the door and started to kiss me - I pulled away and told my mother - she said she didn't know what to do(1968). Because of my refusing his advances - I got fired - at least that is why I think I was fired - I was a good worker - Hey - just a month ago -some dufus in the middle of a business call asked me if he could come over and "rub my feet" - It is more rampant than people actually know!!


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