Stem Cell Studies Help Dogs With Dystrophy

Yahoo News:

Stem cell injections worked remarkably well at easing symptoms of muscular dystrophy in a group of golden retrievers, a result that experts call a significant step toward treating people.
[..]Sharon Hesterlee, vice president of translational research at the Muscular Dystrophy Association, [..] stressed that it's not yet clear whether such a treatment would work in people, but said she had "cautious optimism" about it.
Two dogs that were severely disabled by the disease were able to walk faster and even jump after the treatments.

The study was published online Wednesday by the journal Nature. It used stem cells taken from the affected dogs or other dogs, rather than from embryos. For human use, the idea of using such "adult" stem cells from humans would avoid the controversial method of destroying human embryos to obtain stem cells. Read on...

As someone who has watched up close the ravaging effects of both Parkinson's and Alzheimer's in family members, I'm hopeful that we as a nation can move towards embracing scientific advancement and achievement, rather than distorting news like this with superstition and misinformation.


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