Dan Abrams Punks Rep. Kingston - Where's YOUR Flag Pin?

Jamie covered Republican Rep. Jack Kingston's smearing of Senator Barack Obama for being unpatriotic because he refuses to wear a lapel flag pin -- all while not wearing one himself. Last night on Live with Dan Abrams, the host calls Kingston out for once again labeling Obama unpatriotic while he himself was NOT wearing a flag pin.

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Abrams: You're not wearing a lapel pin, are you?

Kingston: I will wear one and I have worn one. I'll bring one to your next show.

Abrams: But you see my point. I had no idea you were going to show up without a lapel pin, but it seems kind of absurd that you're saying that Barack Obama's patriotism should be questioned because he's not wearing a lapel pin and then you come on the show not wearing one.

Kingston: Well Dan, I'm not following that at all.

Say, what? Kingston glosses right over Abram's challenge, saying it's OK to be a hypocrite on this issue simply because it's a good tactic to use as it gets a rise out of Democrats. He also defends the juvenile use of Obama's middle name, once again justifying the behavior because it pisses of the people on the left. Abrams did a great job of making Kingston look like the nut that he is and shows how ridiculous this whole line of smears really is. I think the GOP is going to find swiftboating a tad more difficult in '08 than in years past.


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