America Votes - 1948

A "Get Out The Vote" radio program from October 29, 1948 featuring members of The League Of Women Voters discussing the importance of voting in the upcoming election.


With the mid-term elections rapidly approaching, I thought it would be interesting to run some "Get Out The Vote" programs from the past. Tonight it's a Get Out The Vote program from NBC, broadcast on October 29, 1948 as the Presidential election was days away. This one features members of The League Of Women Voters.

Anna Lord Strauss (Pres. League Of Women Voters) :”It is most important that you go to the polls next Tuesday to elect the best people to represent you in government. But next Tuesday is only the beginning. Remember that once your candidate is in office, he needs you advice, your support and your constructive criticism.”

Even in 1948 there was fear of voter apathy and a large percentage of no-shows at the polls.

Same then - same now.

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