October 7, 1941 - Next Stop: Moscow . . . Or Not

News of the day for October 7, 1941. News from Germany and Switzerland with reports of advancing German armies bogged down in Russia, galloping ahead if you believed German radio. The proposed prisoner exchange between Britain and Germany hits a snag and there is talk about relaxing our neutrality all together.


This day sixty-nine years ago, the news was about advancing German armies on the Russian front. How it wasn't the cakewalk many expected, how the resistance was more than they thought, and how they wanted to be in Moscow before the Russian Winter set in. Of course, reports via Berlin painted a rosy picture while reports from neutral Switzerland painted a completely different one.

Meanwhile, everywhere else the war was grinding on. Talk of a prisoner exchange between Britain and Germany fell through with the Germans wanting a one for one deal at the last minute. British submarines were sinking a large number of Italian ships in the Mediterranean. In Washington, there was talk about taking some of the restrictions off the Neutrality Act.

Just another day in World War 2.

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