14-Year-Old Activist Schools Corporatist Shill On GMO's

14-Year-Old Activist Schools Corporatist Shill On GMO's
1 year ago by Scarce

14-year-old activist Rachel Parent debates Kevin O'Leary on the question of why genetically modified foods need to be avoided. Back in June the Canadian broadcaster called the protesters against Monsanto, "stupid". Rachel challenged him to a debate, and two months later they had one.

via Rabble.ca

Fourteen year old Rachel Parent challenged CBC's Kevin O'Leary to a debate on GMOs. O'Leary accuses Parent of being a "shill" for environmental organizations. Watch as Parent schools O'Leary on the dangers of GMOs --and see for yourself who the corporate shill is.

Rachel's website: http://www.gmo-news.com

And here's her awesome video from June. "Stompa" your feet indeed.

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