Houston Texans Players Kneel During Anthem To Protest Owner's Derogatory Words Against Them

During the singing of today's national anthem, most of the Houston Texans players knelt to protest owner Bob McNair's words that called them prison "inmates."

During an NFL owners meeting last week to discuss the league and some of its issues, including the National Anthem protests, Houston Texans owner said, "We can’t have the inmates running the prison."

It's always nice to characterize your (mostly African-American) employees as incarcerated felons. To say his players were upset is an understatement.

Opening the telecast of this afternoon's game between Houston and Seattle in Washington, CBS' Dana Jacobson said, "This team in a unified response to those comments, a majority of them knelt. there were a few players that were standing."

Jacobson said that players had wanted to kneel in demonstration earlier, "but had not done so out of respect for Bob McNair."

All that respect has been flushed down the toilet.

This isn't the end of this story by a long shot. Since many idiots in the league and on TV have helped to legitimize Trump's manufactured scandal against the NFL, the players are only getting angrier about how they are being portrayed.

(Sorry about the quality of the video)

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