Alec Baldwin Gives Iowa Democrats A Crash Course In Trumpology

Alec Baldwin went to Iowa as a "professor of advanced Trumpology and abnormal psychology," welcoming attendees to "Trump University.

Bleeding Heartland:

Baldwin began by playing professor “of advanced Trumpology and abnormal psychology,” welcoming students to Trump University. The school has “two stringent requirements for matriculation”: 1) students write checks made out to Donald Trump personally, and 2) the checks clear. He hoped everyone had completed the assigned reading for the summer: The Art of the Deal, the “biographies of show business legends Chuck Woolery and Danny Bonaduce, as well as an abridged version of the United States Constitution that doesn’t include the First, Fourteenth, and Twenty-Fifth Amendments.”

Baldwin made a few announcements about the Fall 2017 course catalog: “Professor Flynn will be taking a sabbatical this year.” In his place, Paul Manafort will be teaching “con law”–“con is not an abbreviation for anything.” Students are free to drop by “for a one-on-one conversation with Professor Pence,” “unless you’re gay or a woman, in which case Professor Pence is unavailable until the end of time.”

You can listen to the full audio of his speech here.

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