Jeff Merkley: 'Trump Should Resign, Because He Has A Record' Of Sexual Assault

During an interview on Meet the Press, Senator Jeff Merkley said what all Democrats should be saying every day whenever they are in front of a reporter or a camera: Trump must resign. Roy Moore should drop out of the race.

When asked by Chuck Todd about whether the process was a fair one for Al Franken, Merkley took a moment to express his concern about the other, more egregious allegations facing Republicans.

After noting that Franken had not gone through the ethics process where facts are examined to see if they're facts, Merkley first noted a need for the senate to "wrestle" with how to handle circumstances where there's not a clear line.

"But what we do know is this -- that the individual Roy Moore running in Alabama has done things that are incredibly egregious, and he should drop out of that race right now," Merkley continued.

"And..for that matter, the president should resign, because he certainly has a track record with more than 17 women accusing him of horrific conduct," he added.

This is what every single Democrat should be saying every time they are in front of a camera for any reason. Every time they have the opportunity to respond to an issue, they should add that Trump should resign because he not only has women who accuse him of egregious conduct, but he also admitted it.

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