Fox Business Flips Out As David Stockman Calls Trump A 'Madman'

On Fox Business, former Reagan budget chief David Stockman calls Trump a madman over his economic policies. Charles Payne got so flustered, he started making up stuff about China going to war with America.

The stock market is tanking, and Trump can't find anyone but himself to blame.

Fox Business holiday guest-host Charles Payne flipped out when David Stockman, Reagan's former budget director, told him that U.S.economic foundation was not stable because Trump was acting like "a madman."

Payne was so upset by this, he countered by saying China may be getting ready to go to war with America.

Really. He said that.

What I loved about Stockman's appearance was he didn't waste time and got right up into the insanity of Trump's economic behavior.

This caused Payne to sound nuttier than your Thanksgiving fruitcake.

The stock market has been tanking, losing their entire 2018 gains. Payne asked Stockman, "How far down do we go from here?"

Stockman replied, "I have no idea but the foundation is not stable."

He continued, “We’ve got a perfect storm of a madman in the White House, who’s pursuing trade wars, border wars, a fiscal policy that is totally out to lunch, and attacking the fed.”

Payne began to interrupt him because on Fox News and Fox Business, saying anything negative about the Dear Leader is not allowed.

Payne said, "Let me just stop you, before you run them all, let's just get one at a time."

Payne continued, “It’s kind of harsh to call President Trump a madman.”

Stockman replied, "Oh, absolutely he is."

Charles then ranted that Trump is fighting against unfair trade, man made militarized islands, imperialism, colonizing the world through debt trap loans, etc...

Stockman smiled, "China is not a threat to us whatsoever."

“If they want to waste their money on sand castles in the South China Sea, be our guest.”

He said China's economy was a house of cards and without America they would collapse.

Payne was so thoroughly punked by Stockman he actually proclaimed China was building its military to attack America.

"Their main goal will be to got to war with America."

Stockman made fun of him by saying, "If you believe this you should sell everything in sight (Payne cried, why?) because if there is a war between the U.S. and China the whole world financial system will crash, burn beyond anything you saw in the 1930's."

It didn't get any better for Payne as the segment continued as it ended, when Stockman told Payne Trump was "totally out to lunch."

This is how you talk to one of these Trump stock market pundits.

Watch it.

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