zogby poll

Republican Bigotry

Fifty-seven percent of Republicans have an unfavorable view of Muslims, even though only 31 percent know a Muslim.

A Tale Of Two Polls

Most political observers know to stop reading when they see the phrase, “According to a poll from Zogby Interactive…” and yet, yesterday, I coul

The Troops Want Out

If anyone still doesn't believe that John Murtha was speaking for the troops, there's this: "Seventy-two percent of troops on the ground in Iraq thin

Hmmm...Those WaPo Polls Again

Since I'm in the mood to talk about the Washington Post today, remember this little item when the prospect of doing an impeachment poll angered Richar

Paul Hackett Doing Well In The Polls

Today's Wall Street Journal Zogby Poll shows Ohio Iraq War Veteran Paul Hackett, Democrat, winning 44.2% to defeat sitting Senator Mike DeWine who gar

Floor Debate Going On

If anybody catches something clip worthy please let me know. Also, AmericaBlog has the latest Zogby Poll on Bush. It ain't lookin' too good.