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The Fox Effect: Gas Prices Are A Perfect Example

This is not a post about rising gas prices, despite the title of the video. No, this post is about something else entirely. Rising gas prices just happens to be the convenient topic. I've just finished reading "The Fox Effect" by David

Reparations: Limbaugh's Limp Rhetoric Ramps Up

Rush Limbaugh is a racist. This isn't news, we all know he lives on the fringes of hate for anyone who isn't pasty-white like he is. But lately, he's been ramping up the hateful rhetoric to levels I've not seen even from him, and Monday's rant

Get Progressively Trained

As someone who has been involved somewhat in the punditry circuit (for lack of a better term), I have been asked by progressive friends what I think is needed for the Left to compete with the Right, not so much in the war of ideas, as idea