Thomas Roberts

MSNBC Has Former Santorum Spox Weigh In On Young's 'Wetbacks' Remark

I don't know about anyone else, but I think one of the last people I want to hear from when it comes to Don Young's remark about his dad's "50-60 wetbacks" and how this is going to harm the Republicans and their joke of a "minority outreach program" is former Santorum communications director, Hogan Gidley.

Tea Party's Judson Phillips Throws Romney And Boehner Under The Bus

I guess no matter how badly these so-called "tea party" leaders behave, we're not going to be rid of them on the air any time soon. Case in point, wingnut Judson Phillips, CEO of Tea Party Nation, who as we've noted here is prone to misogynistic attacks on female Democrats, has had some trouble paying his group's hotel bills and who wants President Obama to prove that he doesn’t smoke crack and have gay sex. What a guy. But here he was on MSNBC this Thursday, being allowed to pretend he doesn't know Republicans won the House due to gerrymandering, while throwing both Boehner and Romney under the bus.

Huckabee Suggests Impeaching Obama Over Libya Embassy Attack

Who could have seen this coming? Here we go with the next step in the ridiculous, drummed up, non-scandal, Benghazi-gate that the right wingers have all been losing their minds over for the last couple of weeks at Fox -- Huckabee Suggests Obama

Reince Priebus Doubles Down On Comparing 'War On Women' To 'War On Caterpillars'

If RNC chair Reince Priebus thinks nasty, petulant interviews like this one with MSNBC's Thomas Roberts are going to win his party some support back with women voters, I think he's sadly mistaken. Last week, Priebus appeared on Bloomberg TV's Al Hunt and claimed that the "war on women" was as fictional as the "war on caterpillars."