Palestinian Women Protest For Land Rights

At the weekly demonstration in Nabi Salih, two Palestinian women stand their ground in the face of the infamous "skunk truck." The skunk truck is a mounted water cannon that sprays a foul smelling liquid at high pressures.
Report: UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident 'Should And Could Have Been Prevented'

Report: UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident 'Should And Could Have Been Prevented'

No doubt you all remember the shocking pepper spray attack on peaceful student protesters at UC Davis last November. Today the report into that incident has been released and the results are damning, accusing the Chancellor of poor leadership and concluding that the use of pepper spray was unjustified and should have been prevented.

It's C&L's Two Week Solidarity Pizza Anniversary!

Two weeks ago Amato put in a couple dollars to get us started buying pizzas for the Occupy protesters across the country. Then you guys stepped up. We've raised over $21,000 and fed over 26 cities pizza. You guys haven't stopped giving and the

What Is David Gergen Smoking?

Before I could get the bad taste out of my mouth over seeing John Boehner and the TeaBirchers playing chicken with women's health, this segment came up with David Gergen, who has the ability to say the most odious things at the worst possible

Applied Force In Libya

War is a blunt instrument, be your weapons ever so precise. Firepower has a limited utility inversely proportional to its explosive potential. Nevertheless, my response to those who say that 'war is a lie' is to ask the city fathers of Carthage