June 14

June 14, 1978 - Carter And Castro.

June 14, 1978. Jimmy Carter alleges Cuban involvement in Zaire uprising. Castro denies it. Negotiations with China put on fast track. Washington poses questions on Israel intentions on Gaza and West Bank, causes rift in Israeli government. UN in session over Lebanon question. Northern Lebanon uneasy over killing of former president Franjileh's son, daughter-in-law and grand-daughter by Phalangist gunmen. Japan concerned over oil spills as the result of recent earthquake. Jimmy Carter meets with Indian PM Desai. A roundup of 1978 mid-term election results.

June 14, 1968 - Looking At The Locals.

News of the day as it looked in Los Angeles, via KMPC News and their Breakfast Report for June 14, 1968. Mid-West tornadoes and floods, Vietnam, local High School mayhem and the Robert Kennedy Assassination aftermath - and typical weather for June in L.A. - and how was life your town?