Glitter Bomb

'Charlie McAwesome' Glitter Bombs Ron Paul

A man going by the name "Charlie McAwesome" made it official Monday night: every remaining Republican presidential frontrunner has been glitter bombed. At a campaign event in Minneapolis, "McAwesome" doused Texas Congressman Ron Paul with

Romney Gets Glittered, But His Singing Gets Worse

Protesters on Wednesday showered Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney with glitter -- but the shiny stuff sure didn't make his singing voice sparkle. At a campaign event in Eagan, Minnesota, the candidate got doused with glitter just as

Police Drag Occupy Activists From Santorum Event

Police on Monday physically dragged several Occupy Tampa protesters from an event with Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum and cited them for trespassing. One of the men had thrown glitter at the candidate as he was he was giving his