RNC convention

RNC Convention Open Thread

(h/t Jeff Simpson) Tonight is the night we hear from vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan, but not before being entertained by Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul (with a video hello from his dad), John McCain and Bobby Jindal. Here's the

RNC Leaves Florida Delegation Stranded Without Buses

Seriously, they can't even manage a stupid convention. What evidence do they have that they can run the country? Convention coordinators forgot to book buses to take the Florida delegation to the convention, stranding angry officials at a hotel

Erin Burnett Moved To Tears By Romney Appearance

(h/t Heather) Your 'liberal media' hard at work: CNN’s Erin Burnett was really moved by Mitt’s embrace of Ann at the end of her speech. “Her speech was just one of the many memorable moments and I have to say this Wolf, when he came out