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Froomkin To Media: Tell People The Truth About Voter ID Laws

Dan Froomkin really lets the media establishment have it for not pointing out the nefarious agenda behind voter ID laws. I live in a city where the two local papers have been aggressively covering the issue, but I'm not seeing it on the national

Maddow: Rove Hides Behind Non Sequitur On Disclosure Question

Rachel Maddow went after Karl Rove for his bizarre appearance on Fox News last week where, when asked about the complaint filed against his so-called "advocacy group," Crossroads GPS, Rove went off on a tangent and started ranting about Bob Bauer,

Chris Matthews Goes After Karl Rove For Abuse Of Tax Status By Crossroads GPS

On this Tuesday's Hardball, Chris Matthews spoke to The Huffington Post's Dan Froomkin and National Memo's Joe Conason about Karl Rove's group, Crossroads GPS and their potential violations of FEC rules and their more obvious violations of the stricter IRS rules on how anyone claiming 501(c)(4) privileged tax status is allowed to spend their money.

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Shakesville: Facts Schmacts...but Waxman-Markey passes the House anyway Scott Horton: Did a Bush Justice Department official obstruct the Renzi inves

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Dan Froomkin writes an impressive piece that exposes the torturers and their media enablers who covered up and participated in the torture policy of t