John Murtha

Sunday Morning Talk Show Lineup

FOX landed an exclusive with Cheney. I'm shocked. Meet the Press (NBC): National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley; 2008 Presidential Contender Sen

Finally, Some Oversight

No wonder Republicans are nervous. Evidence continues to mount that the new Democratic majority plans to investigate the war, energy policy, and othe

Mike's Blog Round Up

Mike's Blog Round Up Martini Republic: Right blogosphere launches Global War On John Murtha Vox Verax: Why is it that Republican congressmen love

Mean Jean's Opera

A reader sent me over this operatic piece featuring "Jean Schmidt," as she smears John Murtha. [media id=15083]-WMP [media id=15084]-QT Everyone is

George Will-Iraq Is Not Working

Will announced today on THIS WEEK, that Iraq is not working. He repeats what John Murtha has been saying in this small sound byte. [media id=14923]-

John Murtha

John Speaks, you listen. Murtha does have the ear of the military so this isn't surprising to hear from him. [media id=15018]-WMP [media id=15019]

The Troops Want Out

If anyone still doesn't believe that John Murtha was speaking for the troops, there's this: "Seventy-two percent of troops on the ground in Iraq thin