All The Criticism Being Levied Against The Fox News Channel Seems To Be Having An Effect.

Was I dreaming when I saw Bill Mahr debating Sean Hannity last night? An actual liberal that has a strong opinion and doesn't look like a gerbil. As the debate went on, Maher forced Hannity into his usual litany of Stepford Wives Republican talking points memos. (Kerry's a flip-flopper, Bush has stick- to-it-ness, yadda,yadda) Maher made them seem, well ridiculous. Maher also got Hannity to say that he didn't approve of the President's decision to do nothing for 7 minutes approach while 9/11 was happening. I just checked FNC's website of the Haniity and Colmes show and couldn't find a word about the interview on today's date. In the archives there was a note saying that Maher appeared. What I did see however are three pictures boldly placed in the center of the web page.

Picture 1: Michaeal Regan:He's tired of the Bush bashing. And wants Kerry to come clean on the issues.

Picture 2:Rodney Alexander , the democrat who turned Republican. Congressman Rodney Alexander angers Democrats and sends shock waves through the House of Representatives

Picture three: John O'Neal: New book that criticizes John Kerry's Vietnam record is causing an uproar.

Hmmm, looks like three republicans to zero democrats. I guess that's fair and balanced.


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