Sean Hannity

The Incestuous Relationship Of Tea Party Groups And Talk Radio
Things have gotten so blatant, Politico now simply calls it the 'Tea Party Radio Network'. Read more...
Number Of Right Wing Radio Hosts On Wingnut Welfare Expands
First it was Rush Limbaugh, then Glenn Beck. Now more are climbing on the Tea Party Radio gravy train. Read more...
Is Sean Hannity Trying To Provoke A Bloody Conflict With Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy And Feds?
Sean Hannity is determined to provoke a violent standoff between militia groups and law enforcement. Read more...
Sean Hannity Floats Possibility That Federal Government Will Kill Nevada Rancher Bundy
Fox News, Hannity, April 15, 2014. Fox's Sean Hannity brags about his role in the escalating standoff and asks if there's a possibility that the federal government will kill Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.
Sean Hannity Shills For Sea World And Their Treatment Of Killer Whales
Fox's Sean Hannity with a nice "fair and balanced" debate on whether the killer whale shows should be banned from Sea World in California.

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Palin Continues To Attack Ryan's Budget For Not Being Cruel Enough
The quitta' from Wasilla is not happy with Paul Ryan's budget proposal, because it doesn't do quite enough economic harm to those living in poverty and what's left of the middle class in America to suit her.
Allen West Links Obama Comments About Putin To Ft. Hood Murders
Fox News' Allen West believes that the Ft. Hood shooting is a result of president Obama not taking Vladimir Putin seriously enough. Read more...
Rubio Attacks Obama Administration For Disrupting Health Care Marketplace
Fox's Sean Hannity and Sen. Marco Rubio attacked the Obama administration for disrupting the health care marketplace, and pretended that Republicans actually care about the number of uninsured Americans who don't have access to affordable health care.
Right Wing Pundits Attack Obama For Filling Out NCAA Brackets
The right wing's latest feigned outrage for the day. Read more...
Hannity: Missing Malaysian Jet Obama's Fault, Just Because
Hannity and his guest Angela McGlowan are convinced Iranians have done something to cause flight 370 to disappear. Read more...