Dick Morris Is Scum!

He is the microcosm of Fox News. They lost 135 million dollars their first few years give or take a little and it wasn’t until the Monica Lewinsky ordeal that put them in the black. Dick Morris, that toe-sucking whore of Fox News is on every segment of Bill O’Reilly, as someone who is highly regarded as an analyst. I mean the guy has to wait for either Hillary or Bill to write a book so he can come out with one criticizing it. I know he can’t wait for Chelsea Clinton to write a book so he’ll have some subject matter. Then the thought hit me why Morris and O’Reilly are buds. It’s got to be the sex. I mean one was caught with prostitutes and the other is facing sexual harassment charges. That's the connection.

Morris: I'll show you how to suck toes.

O'Reilly: You don't suck toes with a package like mine.

Morris: Bill, let me tell you sucking toes is like drinking shots of vodka with Red Bull.

O'Reilly: Okay, but you gotta let me show you how to use that loofah!


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