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BillO's Good Friday Sermon: Far Left Are Moochers Who Hate America
Bill O'Reilly delivered his Good Friday message to good Christian viewers everywhere, reinforcing his view that poor people are lazy moochers and opportunity abounds.
Harry Reid: 'If These People Are Patriots, We're In Trouble'
Harry Reid appeared on local television Friday night to explain his reasoning behind the claim that the armed militia members at Bundy Ranch are domestic terrorists. Read more...
Cliven Bundy Tells Fox News "We Just Want To Disarm The Bureaucrats"
In a telephone interview today, Cliven Bundy insists he is the victim, and the goal is to "disarm bureaucrats."
Rancher Bundy Cries To Fox Over Reid Calling Them Out As Domestic Terrorists
Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy runs to the loving arms of Fox's Eric Bolling after being called out as domestic terrorists by Sen. Harry Reid.
Cliven Bundy Cries To Fox After Harry Reid Calls Him A Domestic Terrorist
Cliven Bundy rushed into the arms of Fox News to cry about Harry Reid calling him and his friends what he is: a domestic terrorist. Read more...

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Fox And Allen West Fearmonger Over Muslim-Americans 'Waging Jihad' By Engaging In Politics
More fearmongering over Muslim-Americans by the wingnuts at Faux "news."
Fox And Allen West Attack Muslim-Americans For Voting And Engaging In Politics
The paranoia and lunacy over at Faux "news" never ends. Read more...
Fox Panel Debates Whether GOP Inmates Are Running The Asylum
Special Report panel discuss the evolving fight between the so-called "tea party" and the Republican establishment. Read more...
Ollie North: FX Series 'The Americans' Introduces Youth To 'Vision Of Ronald Reagan'
Ollie North promotes the FX Show 'The Americans' as a wonderful vehicle to introduce young people to Ronald Reagan's vision. The show depicts two KGB agents living in Washington, DC shortly after Reagan's election.
Ron Paul's 'Campaign For Liberty' Fined By IRS For Refusing To Turn Over Donor List
Ron Paul tells Fox's Neil Cavuto that his 501(c)(4) organization, Campaign for Liberty, has been fined by the IRS and is going to fight their requests to turn over their donor list. According to RT, "the group’s paperwork was absent a Schedule B form — required by the IRS from American tax-exempt nonprofit organizations that receive $5,000 or more in donations each year — that would list the names of contributors and how much they handed to an organization."