Jael Phelps Says Gays Should Die

On Scarborough Country, Jael Phelps granddaughter of The Rev. Fred Phelps Sr, was among three candidates challenging openly gay council member Tiffany Muller in a nonpartisan primary in Topkea, Kan.

You should look at the Westboro Baptist Church website. It's frightening.

She was trying to defend the practice of their religion. She told a stunned Joe Scarborough:

Phelps: The prescribed punishment for homosexuality in the bible is death.

She then smiled!

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Luckily Jael Phelps finished a distant fourth and Muller in second place. That allowed Muller to advance to an April 5 general election.

Eschaton has more on the vote: Not Everything The Matter With Kansas

(update)-Media Matters offers more on the story here


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