Justice For Schappelle Corby?

Talk Left posted this sad and unbelievable story:

Schapelle Corby finds out today whether she will be acquitted or sentenced to death or life in prison, when three judges render a decision in a case in which she is charged with smuggling less than 10 pounds of marijuana into Indonesia while en route to Bali for a vacation. Corby's defense has claimed all along that baggage handlers in Australia planted the drugs in Corby's luggage as part of a bungled domestic smuggling operation - and that the drugs were never meant to arrive in Indonesia at all.....Questions are being asked as to why there were no fingerprints taken from the bag that contained 9 pounds of marijuana the moment it was discovered in the student's boogie bag in Denpasar airport.

She tried to tell the judges, but it fell on deaf ears........read on

There's a follow-up post by Talk Left: Group Seeks Death Penalty for Schappelle Corby :Actor Russell Crowe has taken up the cause of an Australian beautician imprisoned on drug charges in Bali, Indonesia. Crowe said: "The photographs of Schappelle Corby broke my heart. "I don't understand how we can, as a country, stand by and let a young lady rot away in a foreign prison. That is ridiculous. "It is Indonesia, fine and dandy, but we need to find a rational platform to save this girl's life."...read on


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