Some (Friday) Ok I Meant Thursday Reads

Sadly, No! :Get Ready for More Manufactured Right-Wing Outrage!: Because I hate myself, I decided to read Michelle Malkin's latest column. This one's got all the Malkin trademarks: absurd hyperbole, nasty invective and bogus claims. Basically, Michelle is claming that the World Trade Center Memorial that's under construction in New York is a "Blame America on

TMV: Bush Aide Changes Reports To Lessen Global Warming's Impact : Almost every time an environmental story like this comes out one thing becomes clear: if someone does a study of Presidential administrations starting with Teddy Roosevelt's this administration is going to be ranked as having one of the worst environmental on

Buzz Flash interviews John Conyers.

Jonathon Alter has a great piece on: If Watergate Happened Now: With the GOP controlling congress, there'd be no Watergate hearings.

Check out Mike's Blog Round Up. There's some great new posts from around the web.


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