MSNBC Reports: Rove To Testify

(Revised clip has John King attached with Noron's report now.)


"Norah O'Donnell reports on MSNBC that Rove will be testifying today before the G/J for a fifth time in the CIA leak case. I have to say that in my experience, this is really unprecedented - I can't ever remember any witness who was also potentially a subject in an investigation giving a prosecutor this many under oath opportunities to skewer them.

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"O'Donnell reports that there are serious questions about how forthcoming/honest Rove has been-and that there are potential questions of more legal jeopardy."

Norah does say that there will be a statement issued by Rove later today for what that is worth. John Roberts gives us the "Team Rove" spin in his reporting.

(h/t David Edwards for putting both clips together)


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