Blog Envy

Blog Envy


Greg Sargent writes about the hositility to blogs and the constant dismissing of them based on their tone. It's true as he writes that it's really elite opinionshapers - pundits and those who aspire to be them - feel a degradation of their status (you mean anyone can have an opinion on important events of the day? and write about it? and people will read it? even if you're not as important as ME?)...

"But the complaining about the "tone" of the blogosphere in broadbrush ways is silly. Except for four-letter words not allowed by the FCC, which I know most of these journalists have heard once or twice in their lives, most of the popular blogs are often tamer than what you'll find on popular political talk radio, which the mainstream press has studiously ignored for years. But, more importantly, who cares about tone? When people in the media wish to criticize bloggers they should start naming names and start being on"

I'll write more about this later...

Update: As Atrios says: "It isn't liberal bloggers who regularly compare their political opponents to traitors and terrroists."


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