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On CNN, Paul Begala had the political savvy to say:
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BEGALA: He -- yes, he's in trouble, in that campaign managers, candidates, are really angry with him. He has raised $74 million and spent $64 million. He says it's a long-term strategy. But what he has spent it on, apparently, is just hiring a bunch of staff people to wander around Utah and Mississippi and pick their nose. That's not how you build a party. You win elections. That's how you build a party.

I had to post this clip Wake up Paul. I think that's what Dean is trying to do. Here's Kos' response. There were some good articles written about this segment. Can you put them in the comment section.

Update: Zack Exley: "Shame on you, Paul Begala"

Yes, Paul, we have to win elections. But a myopic obsession with squeaking through in a few high-profile races is not party building, it's on


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