Mike's Blog Roundup: November 7

Some last minute voting advice from G-Dub...Gore Vidal talks about ‘the most important election in my lifetime’...GOP, to motivate base, campaigns with Borat...Ruy Teixeira's final update...Dispatch from an outspoken three-year-old...Was the press fair to voters? Midterms and the Media...Remember these assclowns on Justice Tuesday...Flaunt your awesomely rabid nationalism with wholesome Pro-USA gear!

TomDispatch: BU$HCO Planetery Lock Up

The Mahablog: Great minds thinking alike

Newsie8200's Penndit: Media News

The Sideshow: Media are concentrated in the hands of a few massive corporations. And we're to believe they're "liberal?"

Brainshrub: White House caught doctoring "Mission Accomplished" video


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