Senate Thread - 3 Pick Ups So Far (Bumped With Updates)

Santorum is giving his concession speech right now. Casey won 62%-38%. What a blow out!


MT-SEN: Tester 55% / Burns 43% (2% reporting)
TN-SEN: Corker 52% / Ford 47% (75% reporting)
VA-SEN: Allen 50% / 49% (96% reporting and a likely recount)
MO-SEN: Talent 51%/McCaskill 45% (39% reporting)

Kyl has won AZ-Sen, so we need to get three of those races up there.


The MD-SEN race was being called for Cardin, but is being pulled now. Steele is refusing to concede. Currently Cardin is at 52% with Steele at 46% (66% reporting).


Harold Ford loses

VA-Sen is still up in the air. Fairfax county has not yet been counted, and that is expected to give Webb the additional lead he needs
MT-Sen: Tester 54% / Burns 44% (30% reporting)
MO-Sen: McCaskill 48% / Allen 48% (74% reporting)

Ohio smoking ban passes while I sit here chain smoking!


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