The Big Winners In The OJ Cancellation? O'Reilly & Ingraham! (Yes, Really)

ingraham23.jpg In one of the most bizarre and delusional segments I've ever seen on FOX News, Laura Ingraham and a vacationing Bill O'Reilly (the Caribbean, perhaps?) claimed victory last night over the cancellation of the OJ Simpson special.

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This is unequivocally the mother of all straw-men: In O'Reilly's mind, News Corp and FOX broadcasting -- who he reiterated have "nothing to do with FOX News" (which is true as long as you don't count the whole corporate ownership and Roger Ailes connection nonsense; not to mention the fact that HarperCollins is also owned by News Corp.) -- had the audacity... produce a disgusting program that the Righteous Culture Warriors bravely stood up to in an amazing act of "independence" thereby scoring a "victory for the folks" in this epic battle of the civilization-threatening "culture wars." Bill O. also warned that upon returning, he will "list the enemies of FOX News" that "try to spin this" as anything other than a brazen act of FOX News independence and unbiased reporting. Well, get your pen out, Bill.

What makes this even worse is that FOX promoted this garbage more than CNN, MSNBC and Headline News combined. It sure takes a lot of airtime to properly set up those straw men, huh?


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