Darth Cheney's Power-Hungry And Secretive Roots

cheney.jpg Charlie Savage has a great article over at the Boston Globe detailing Cheneys feverish pursuit of Presidential power and his ultra-secretive nature. Savage traces his roots back to the Ford administration and warns that the Democrats are in for a tough fight and should expect to hear the words "executive privilege" repeatedly over the next two years.

Boston.com via HuffPo :

The Iran-contra scandal was not the first time the future vice president articulated a philosophy of unfettered executive power -- nor would it be the last. The Constitution empowers Congress to pass laws regulating the executive branch, but over the course of his career, Cheney came to believe that the modern world is too dangerous and complex for a president's hands to be tied. He embraced a belief that presidents have vast "inherent" powers, not spelled out in the Constitution, that allow them to defy Congress.

A close look at key moments in Cheney's career -- from his political apprenticeship in the Nixon and Ford administrations to his decade in Congress and his tenure as secretary of defense under the first President Bush -- suggests that the newly empowered Democrats in Congress should not expect the White House to cooperate when they demand classified information or attempt to exert oversight in areas such as domestic surveillance or the treatment of terrorism suspects. Read more...


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