GOP Flip Flops On Hate Crime Bill

Via AMERICAblog :

Steny Hoyer and John Conyers just pulled a fast one on the GOP. The GOP has been refusing to support the hate crimes bill because it doesn't include members of the US Armed Forces and senior citizens. Conyers just rose and basically said, okay, I'll add them. The Republicans' response? Uh, no.

The Republicans have been railing for days about how this legislation doesn't cover our Armed Forces and senior citizens, and now that the Dems offer to put our Armed Forces and seniors in this legislation, the Republicans said no and affirmatively stopped the Democrats from doing it anyway.

That means the Republicans had no intent on helping our Armed Forces and seniors, on protecting them. It was just a stunt. The GOP leaders in Congress just got up and used our Armed Forces and seniors as political fodder when they had no intent on actually doing anything to help our Armed Forces and seniors.

Here's Nancy Pelosi speaking about the Hate Crimes Bill

The bill did eventually pass, although President Bush has vowed to veto this legislation. Let's look at this: inadequate equipment, extended tours, Walter Reed, no armor, and now he won't sign legislation against hate crimes that supports the troops. What up, Mr. President?


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