New Ad Featuring John Cusack - Take The Bush/McCain Pop Quiz

Help air this ad with John Cusack

Actor John Cusack donated his time to make a great new TV ad reminding voters how McCain is just like Bush on all the important issues.

Can you help raise $70,000 to get the ad in front of swing voters? Read on...

John Amato did a ton of successful work to help get the word out about Cusack's new movie War. Inc. because it was so relevant to the situation in Iraq. As we've seen it now is being distributed to many more cities and theaters throughout the states. The country needs to be constantly reminded about the army of private military contractor's that have expanded ten fold under Bush and Cheney. It's a window into the future exploits of the Blackwater type contractors that are now bringing in the big bucks and someday may land in a city or country next to you with freedoms that our usual law enforcement agencies do not enjoy.

John Cusack even did a live C&L chat recently to discuss his fantastic new movie and now he's made this ad for and its right on the money -- but, they'll need money to get this great commercial on the air and seen by as many people as possible. Visit now and please donate if you can and help get John's message out to the people.


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