Mike's Blog Roundup

Rising Hegemon: Another endorsement...

Steve Audio: More Rethuglican 'broken government' negligence. People, it's not mere incompetence, it's their ideology.

the field negro: Toby, I think you have a hit on your hands

Sadly, No! You probably remember that fringe-dweller's favorite, The Clinton Body Count. And if you're on the wingnuttiest email lists, you've been warned about the Obama Death List. Now comes the McCain - Obama Death List, a partial list of deaths of persons connected to both John NMA McCain and Barack HUSSEIN Obama during their time as presidential hopefuls in the United States.

Susie Bright's Journal: Going Off The Rails

OFF THE BEATEN PATH: 2 Political Junkies, Rustbelt Intellectual, Cagle's Cartoon BLog, Guys From Area 51


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