'Gangnam Style' Parody: 'Mitt Romney Style'

2 years ago by David

"Hey, wealthy ladies!" the Republican presidential nominee is now doing it "Mitt Romney Style!"

The comedy website College Humor on Tuesday published a parody of Psy's number-one YouTube video "Gangnam Style" featuring Matt Walton as Mitt Romney, Brandon J Sornberger as Paul Ryan and Jeanne Taylor as Ann Romney.

The Romney character begins: "I got a horse in the Olympics girl but I don't even watch 'em / In and out of tax loopholes cause I'm so fuckin' awesome / Bitch it's Friday night you know we benefit hoppin'."

After a few verses, the chorus adds: "Affluent, Extravagant, that's Mitt (hey!) / Yeah that's so Mitt (hey!) /Profits, investments! That's Mitt! (hey!) / Yeah that's so Mitt! (hey!) You should elect / me cause I got so much mon-ay AY AY AY AY."

And the Ryan character also gets some screen time: "Yo I'm the vee pee nominee and yo budget I be cuttin' / I got the eyes and body so you know I'm gon be struttin' / I'll cut ya social safety net you losers ain't got nothin'/ Gotta stop snoozin' start hustlin'."

The video ends in a similar fashion to the original "Gangnam Style," with an epilogue of Romney and Ryan awkwardly dancing in a garage "Mitt Romney Style!"


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