Paul Ryan

SNL Cold Open: Meet The 'New Republican Party'
Saturday Night Live Cold Open April 12, 2014. Meet the new Republican party... same as the old Republican party.
Bernie Sanders: Ryan Budget Vulgar And Obscene
Sen. Bernie Sanders: The problem with the Ryan Budget is that it is so vulgar, so obscene, so out of touch with what the American people want and need that it is literally hard to believe, hard to believe.
Bernie Sanders: Ryan Budget Vulgar And Obscene
Sen. Bernie Sanders called out Rep. Paul Ryan's cruel budget proposal for being exactly what it is; vulgar and obscene and out of touch with what the American people want. Read more...
Tell Your MOC To Vote For The CPC ‘Better Off Budget’
Tell your member of Congress (MOC) to vote for the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) “Better Off Budget’ (BOB). The public needs to know that this progressive approach addresses so many of the country's problems. Read more...
Elizabeth Warren Rips Paul Ryan And Ted Cruz
Elizabeth Warren takes on Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan in a speech at the Minnesota Humphrey-Mondale dinner for Al Franken

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Paul Ryan Admits Pre-Existing Conditions Exclusions Would Come Back After GOP Repeals ACA
Some provisions of the ACA are just too expensive to be restored under whatever "replacement plan" Republicans would introduce after the ACA is repealed. Read more...
Palin Continues To Attack Ryan's Budget For Not Being Cruel Enough
The quitta' from Wasilla is not happy with Paul Ryan's budget proposal, because it doesn't do quite enough economic harm to those living in poverty and what's left of the middle class in America to suit her.
Paul Ryan Whines To Fox About Harry Reid Calling His Budget 'Koch-topia'
The zombie-eyed granny-starver from Wisconsin isn't happy about Harry Reid calling his cruel new budget proposal "Koch-topia."
New Paul Ryan Budget Same As The Old: Cut Medicare & Starve The Poors
Why the Beltway media would ever consider Paul Ryan as a credible individual on helping the poor in this country is beyond me. Read more...
O'Reilly Continues Attack On Barbara Lee: 'Not Only Is She A Pinhead, A Race Hustler, She's A Liar'
Bill-O distorts Rep. Barbara Lee's remarks so he can pretend that no Republicans or conservatives are racist and that the Southern Strategy never existed. Read more...