Australian Candidate Thinks Islam Is A Country

Which is worse: claiming you can see Russia from your house in Alaska or mistaking Islam for a country?


Thanks to Scarce for the video.

Australian Stephanie Bannister, a 27-year-old running for a seat in the Australian Parliament, seemed shall we say, less than informed when it comes to other religions during a TV news interview.

"I don't oppose Islam as a country," she said. "But I do feel that their laws should not be welcome here in Australia. Less than two percent of Australians follow Haram." By "Haram," of course, she meant "the Quran." Bannister also wants halal food banned from Australia, but kosher food is fine because, according to her: "Jews aren't under haram. They have their own religion, which follows Jesus Christ."


"Banister admitted not knowing the names of the candidates she was running against and was talking about her anti-immigration platform when she made her comments about not opposing Islam “as a country”.

Banister is due to face court on a charge of “contaminating or interfering with goods” over allegations she stuck a sticker which read “Beware! Halal food funds terrorism” on Nestle products at her local Woolworths. If she appears before the 7 September election and a criminal conviction were to be recorded, the Australian Electoral Commission would disqualify her from the race for Rankin.

In the campaign interview she also gave her thoughts on the federal economic policy. ''I'd like to see the government drop its five-star budget down to an economy budget,” she said. “With the way the economy's going at the moment, I don't see why the government feels that it should remain at a five-star budget when economy's just as good.”'

Move over, Sarah Palin, you've got company.

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