Michael Moore: 'I Am Not Going To Come On Another D*mn TV Show After Another Shooting'

"This isn't just Columbine."

Part 1: 'What Is It About Us as Americans?'

Michael Moore on Piers Morgan Tuesday, 7/24/12

"I think that both conservatives and liberals are half right, each of them. The conservatives when they say guns don't kill people, I would alter that to guns don't kill people, Americans kill people. The left, liberals, believe that if we just have more gun control laws, all the problems are going to go away. Well, I don't think so. It won't really get rid of the larger problem. What is it about us that wants to do this?" -- Michael Moore

Part 2: 'Even in Aurora, it Happened Before'

"People forget that there was another gun massacre in Aurora where four people were shot and killed at a Chuck E Cheese. A guy went in there and just senselessly killed these people. That hasn't really been brought up -- this isn't just Columbine." -- Michael Moore

Part 4: Michael Answers Your Questions.

Part 5: Chris Rock: 'I think all bullets should cost $5,000. That way, there won't be no more innocent bystanders.'

Michael Moore: 'Those were "our" children that died in that theater on Thursday, Friday morning.' 'I am not going to come on another d*amn tv show after another shooting.'

A very emotional appeal for change from Michael Moore, and a call for an end to gun violence.

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