Occupy: 'Not Guilty' - 'Charges Dropped' - 'Unconstitutional' - 'Actions Justified'

Judge dismisses charges against 30 members of Occupy ...


Who's lawless and out of control?

Not Guilty.

Judge dismisses charges against 30 members of Occupy Philly including freelance journalist and photographer Dustin Slaughter, charges of obstruction of a highway, failure to disperse and conspiracy stemming from a Nov. 30 protest sparked when police forced the Occupiers from their 56-day encampment outside City Hall on Dilworth Plaza.

Not Guilty.

Jonathan Zook of OCCUPY PORTLAND found not guilty on three of four charges, and guilty only on the nebulous charge of "interfering" with a police officer.

Not Guilty.

Five members of OCCUPY SEATTLE found not guilty because jury felt their actions in shutting down a branch of Chase Bank were justified.

Not Guilty.

Manhattan District Attorney dropped charges against New York City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez.

Not Guilty.

Ed Fallon of Occupy Iowa found not guilty of violating curfew law at state capitol because it's unconstitutional .

Not Guilty.

Previous group from Occupy Philly acquitted in February.

[H/T Michael Moore]

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