Nights At The Roundtable - Ronnie Montrose (RIP) - 1978

Nights at the Roundtable with Ronnie Montrose - in tribute to his passing today at 64. Town Without Pity from his first Instrumental solo album Open Fire, released in 1978.


No doubt there are hundreds, if not thousands of sites paying tribute to the late Ronnie Montrose tonight. His passing, at the age of 64, stunned many earlier today.

Even our sister site Crooks & Liars is running a tribute. So I thought I would toss my two cents in and offer a track of one of my favorite Ronnie Montrose albums.

Open Fire was his first all-instrumental project, and it incorporated a lot of different styles and genres and it opened up a whole new dimension in his playing and his audience.

So as a tribute to the versatility of the man and a musician of extraordinary talent who will be sorely missed, I'm offering his rendition of the classic Town Without Pity.

Thank you Ronnie. It's been a pleasure to know you.

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