Rupertgate Tuesday - The Smoking Son.

Rupertgate Tuesday with new discoveries that James Murdoch was aware of the phone hacking scandal as early as 2008. A release of an e-mail which was sent to Murdoch by then-Editor of News Of The World Colin Myler regarding the extent of phone hacking at the Murdoch-owned tabloid.


With news breaking only a few hours ago via the New York Times and The BBC, it was learned that James Murdoch had in fact received e-mails regarding widespread phone hacking at News Of The World long before he admitted being aware of it.

In an e-mail dated June 2008, Murdoch was sent an e-mail from News Of The World Editor Colin Myler regarding the lawsuit brought about by British Soccer Union boss Gordon Taylor. In it were additional e-mails from editors and involved parties expressing concern that phone hacking was indeed a problem and spiraling out of control.

This goes against the flat-out denial during the Parliamentary Inquiry a few weeks back that James Murdoch knew nothing about any of the goings on with reference to phone hacking and that he had denied having any sort of conversation or communication with Myler regarding the Taylor incident.

Here is the news report via BBC-Radio 4's PM Program, recorded at 9:00 am (PST).

Stay tuned.

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