Fox News Grasps At Next Straw To Attack #OWS... ACORN!


Keith Olbermann on the latest drummed up fake controversy from Fox News:

OLBERMANN: First, the protesters were drugged up hippies. Then, they were anti-Semitic. Then, yesterday they were part of the Muslim Brotherhood. In our number one story now, the right wing has grasped at its next straw; the Occupy movement is actually being organized by the most vile of community organizations... ACORN.

Here's more from Steve Benen -- When in doubt, blame ACORN:

ACORN, of course, permanently closed its doors in March 2010, six months before the poll was taken. Groups can’t steal elections if they don’t exist.

Here we are now, more than a year and a half later, and ACORN is but a memory. But Fox News would have its audience believe the non-existent group is still up to no good. Today’s Fox News headline reads: “EXCLUSIVE: ACORN Playing Behind Scenes Role in ‘Occupy’ Movement.” [...]

How can a group that folded 19 months ago secretly conspire to bolster Occupy protests? Apparently, “sources tell” Fox News that people who used to work for ACORN have now taken on roles helping organize Occupy protests. In fact, Fox News reports that the former director of New York ACORN and his aides are now working for New York Communities for Change (NYCC), which is turn supporting demonstrations.

And as Keith pointed out, it's not exactly some secret or a "Fox exclusive" that the group was going to support Occupy Wall Street. They announced it here at the Huffington Post, last month -- Why We're Joining Occupy Wall Street .

The Majority Report's Sam Seder joined Keith to discuss the latest bit of desperation from Fox to discredit the OWS movement.


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