Monica Crowley Claims There Are Equal Levels Of Vile, Vicious And Violent Rhetoric Coming From The Left As The Right


When Monica Crowley puts up the same kind of list with supposed liberal violence or rhetoric that Digby linked in her post here with what we've seen from the right since they've lost their damned minds after President Obama got elected, then maybe I'll take her flame-throwing false equivalencies seriously.

Crowley decided to play the "all sides are equal" game on PBS's The McLaughlin Group and did one major job of projection here.

CROWLEY: I think it was a good, well modulated speech and I think the tone was perfectly appropriate. And I do think this was a presidential moment for him because, really for the first time in two years, he spoke on behalf of all of the American people, not just on behalf of his party, not just on behalf of the left, but really spoke on behalf of all of us. So I think it was an important moment.

I do think he missed two opportunities. The first one is, I think he waited too long to deliver the message. Another memorial service was scheduled for Wednesday, but he could have come out on Sunday or Monday with a message to his own side telling them to cut it out when they were drawing this very sort of malicious and vicious lies that somehow conservative talk or our political climate have caused this particular act of violence which even he admitted later did not. He let his side run wild for days with this malicious lie.

The second thing is, I think even though he did give an effective beat down to his own side by saying this does not… there is no direct correlation between this act of violence by a lone psychopath and our political climate. I think he stopped full of a full rebuke of the complete irresponsibility of folks on his own side that still continue to try to link this act or other things with political talk on the conservative side.

Eleanor mentioned Roger Ailes at Fox and Sarah Palin’s web site, but I would like to see the left take the lead in moderating their talk, because for every one example you can give from the right, there were plenty of examples on the left of the most vile, vicious and even violent kind of rhetoric coming out of the left.


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