QOTD: Joe Scarborough On Minimum Wage


So says the man who has probably finished paying his payroll taxes well before Valentine's Day every year, in response to this op-ed at the LA Times.

SCARBOROUGH: There's a lot of fear on the economy right now. We've got a flat stagnant economy. Consumer spending remains low right now, and if you think now is the time to raise labor costs, so you raise prices on the working class and middle class people, across the board, then, I would simply say that whoever would be making these suggestions don't understand basic economics.

I don't think I've ever heard Scarborough say one word about the overpaid CEO's in America and what damage that income disparity is doing to our country and the economy for the 99 percent. He still wants everyone to believe trickle-down economics work, and if we all just wait long enough for the economy to magically improve, then we can think about raising the wages of the consumers in America.


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