Maddow Vs. Megyn, FTW


Rachel Maddow had a great segment last night where she called out embarrassing Republican moments. Of course, Alan Simpson was at the top of the segment, but the best moment in the whole thing was when she nailed Megyn Kelly for trolling on Twitter.

Go ahead. Watch the video. It's short and classic. It seems that Megyn Kelly trolled Twitter with this tease for her show yesterday morning:


Well, of course he could be right in that world where it's totally fine for men to beat women (regardless of size and weight) into a pulpy coma, right?

I join Rachel in wishing Megyn Kelly a happy International Women's Day. What a bizarre woman that Megyn is.

But wait, there's more. Rachel had a text poll to decide who was most embarrassing: Simpson with his Snoopy Snoop Poop Dog, Simpson with his reference to "enema", or Kelly.

Here are the results:




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