Georgia Women Senators Walk Out, Protesting 'War On Women'

Georgia Women Senators Walk Out, Protesting 'War On Women'

The Republican "War on Women" ® continues, this time in Georgia where eight state senators walked out in protest over more asinine legislation which looks like it'll soon be law..

via WXIA in Atlanta:

ATLANTA -- Women members of the Georgia Senate staged a brief demonstration against the Republican and male majority in the Senate, complaining that the GOP is waging a war -- against women and their access to abortion and contraceptives.

Eight of the nine women senators -- the eight women Democrats -- walked out of the Senate chamber in protest as the Republican majority passed two bills they oppose.

The Senate voted, 33 to 18, to prohibit state employees from using their state health benefits to pay for abortions.

And the Senate decided, by a vote of 38 to 15, that employees of private religious institutions have no right to demand that their insurance policies pay for contraceptives, as the Obama Administration wants to require.

As for the contraceptives issue, it was in 1999 when the women's caucus in the Georgia legislature first won passage of the current state law that requires insurance companies to cover the cost of contraceptives.

"It's a good law. Never had a problem with it," said Sen. Nan Orrock, (D) Atlanta. "But here come the right-wing shock troops, marching, marching, marching. And women are on the bullseye target."

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